What is your pricing policy for Upgrades and Package Add-ons?

All Upgrades and Package Extensions added to a Monetra License will be prorated according to the number of months left on your maintenance agreement (the day of the month is irrelevant in determining the number of months in left, Jan 31 - Feb 1 is calculated as 1 month even though they are only 1 day apart, and likewise Jan 1 - Jan 31 is calculated as 0 months). Each Monetra License comes with a 1 year Maintenance and Support Agreement. You may only purchase upgrades or add-ons for licenses which are currently in an active maintenance and support agreement. The upgrades or addons you have will affect your total annual maintenance renewal price.

Since most Package Extensions are not used for an entire year before the base license needs to be renewed, the cost of these extensions is calculated at the time of purchase by determining the number of months before the next Annual Maintenance renewal. By offering prorated Package Extensions, Monetra Technologies ensures its clients do not pay for maintenance and support services they have not used, and likewise, if you have greater than 12 months remaining on your current Monetra maintenance agreement, the price of an addon may increase above advertised price because of the additional maintenance cost.

EXAMPLE: Customer adding 100K transactions on January 31, 2009 to a Monetra License that expires on March 01, 2009 (2 months of support and maintenance coverage)

  • Purchase Price (-) Support and Maintenance Cost = Base Price
  • $995 - $195 = $800 Base Price for 100K Transactions

How Maintenance and Support Costs are Prorated at time of purchase:

  • Annual Maintenance Cost (÷) 12 = Monthly Maintenance and Support Cost
  • Prorate for 100K Transaction purchase
  • $195 ÷ 12 = $16.25 per month

Prorated Amount Charged at time of Purchase:

  • Base Price (+) Monthly Maintenance and Support Cost (×) # months of maintenance and support coverage = Prorated Total
  • $800 + $16.25 × 2 = $832.50