I installed v7 update 12.0 and can no longer connect.

Monetra Version 7 update 12.0 introduced new default PORT settings that have been registered with IANA.

Basically, MADMIN transactions run over a separate IANA port than standard user transactions. This was added so folks could more easily firewall off (segment) the MADMIN requests from the standard transactions.

So, you can either:

  1. Point your user transactions to the new IANA ports, or
  2. Configure the Monetra 7.12.0 (and higher systems) to use the old ports (via the Monetra Manager).

Here is the relevant changelog entry:

-- IMPORTANT:Port 8444 is no longer used by Monetra. Port 8666 is now an MADMIN-only port by default. Integrators should take note of this and update their integration defaults. 8665 is now the default user-access port as per the recent IANA assignment.