How do I create print templates for the Monetra Client?

Templates must conform to XHTML style. However, we only support the subset of these tags. Listed below:


The following print templates are valid:

  • Merchant - receipt_merchant.html
  • Customer - receipt_customer.html
  • Denied - receipt_denied.html

If any of these templates are not found but are enabled via the Printing Config screen then you will receive an error message.

Default templates are provided in the print_templates/receipt/default directory. Customers should put their own custom templates into print_templates/receipt/custom to prevent their templates from being overridden when performing a reinstall or upgrade of the application.

The following enable/disable checkboxes should appear in the Print Config screen:

  • Print Merchant Copy
  • Print Customer Copy
  • Print Denied Receipt

When pulling reports and re-printing receipts, the client should be able to figure out if it needs to print a denied or merchant/customer copy. If re-printing from reports then merchant/customer/denied copy choices should respected. If both merchant/customer are disabled and attempt to print is made, report error. If denied is disabled and a denied transaction is attempted to print, report error.

Replacement variables will replace fields in the file with proper date. Variables can have spaces in the name and are enclosed in $ symbols. The following are valid replacement variables:

$account$ Full account number
$account_safe$ Obscured account number
$action$ type of transaction performed
$address1$ merchant address line 1
$address2$ merchant address line 2
$amount$ amount submitted (total)
$apprcode$ approval code submitted on force
$auth amount$ on gift cards, possible partial auth amount
$auth num$ approval code returned from transaction
$avs code$ avs response
$batch$ batch number
$balance$ balance returned from gift card/debit card/ebt
$bdate$ begin date (lodging)
$capture$ whether or not to capture the transaction for settlement prints 1/0
$cardholdername$ parsed cardholder name from trackdata, or hand-entered
$cardpresent$ whether this is a retail card not present transaction or not prints 1/0
$cardtype$ prints the type of card used (requires Monetra 5.3.2 / Monetra 5.4)
$casbackamount$ cash back amount on debit/ebt
$city$ merchant city
$clerkid$ clerkid entered
$comments$ comments entered
$companyname$ merchant company name
$cv code$ CV response value
$cvv2$ CV value entered
$date$ current date MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS format
$dollarsign$ dollar sign ($)
$ds$ dollar sign ($)
$edate$ end date (lodging)
$examount$ tip amount passed
$excharges$ charges reason (lodging)
$expdate$ Expiration date of card in MMYY format
$item$ item number in batch
$ksn$ key serial number for debit/ebt
$logo$ Logo Path
$password$ user password for monetra
$pc level$ PC Level response value
$phone$ Merchant Phone
$pin$ dukpt encrypted pin for debit/ebt
$ptrannum$ submitted order number
$order num$ same as ptrannum
$rate$ room rate (lodging)
$stan$ system trace audit number (debit/ebt only)
$state$ Merchant State
$stationid$ submitted station id
$status$ return code
$street$ card street address entered
$tax$ tax value sent
$taxstatus$ whether or not a field-edit had to be performed to update tax info
$time stamp$ unix timestamp
$trackdata$ trackdata submitted
$ttid$ returned ttid from monetra
$url$ Merchant Website URL
$username$ client username for monetra
$verbiage$ human-readable response from monetra or processor
$zip$ merchant zipcode