What is the MasterCard Unique ID requirement?

Card Acceptor Terminal ID: MasterCard requires all card present transactions include a unique Terminal ID when a card acceptor location has multiple terminals. This requirement is for both attended and unattended terminals and for all card present Merchant Category Codes (MCCs). Each separate card capture device (POS device) needs a unique Terminal ID. Any card capture device would be recognized as an individual terminal (for example: each pump dispenser, each parking kiosk, each restaurant workstation, each pay-at-the-table tablet, etc.). MasterCard believes this information will prove valuable in investigating fraud, such as skimming.

Note: This "Card Acceptor Terminal ID" (CATID) is not to be confused with the Terminal ID that is employed as an authenticating merchant credential (such as that commonly seen along with Merchant ID, etc.). The CATID must be unique within the device-owning organization (generally, the merchant).

What do I need to do?

If your integration uses the 'StationID' field, and it is numeric, Monetra can pass the last two digits along to supported processors. Alternately, if you use the StationID for some other purpose that doesn't uniquely identify the point of entry then Monetra will expose a new parameter called 'laneid' which is a two digit numeric field that will be passed along to the supported processor.

How do I know if my processor and Monetra both support this mandate?

Fully supported platforms are listed in the table below. This table in this FAQ will be updated as the certifications are completed to support CATID.

Processor version added
Paymentech (Tampa)v7 update 13.0
Elavon (Encompass 4.0)v7 update 13.0
Heartlandv7 update 13.0
Vantiv (610)v7 update 13.0
RBS WorldPay (tcmp)v7 update 13.0
First Data BuyPassv8
First Data CardNet (North)v8
Mercury Payment Systemsv8
Global Payments(see note #2 below)
TSYS(see note #2 below)

Note 1: If you are unsure if your processor is supported then please contact support@monetra.com

Note 2: Several processors have chosen not to take any additional action for this mastercard mandate. For these processors you will be required to use unique MID/Terminal Id combinations for each device.