The Monetra Installer causes my Windows XP system to reboot or BSOD.

The reason for this failure is due to 2 different bugs within Microsoft provided products.

To correct the issue, either install Service Pack 3, or for users on Service Pack 2, you may optionally install hotfix 184176 from Microsoft (KB921337).

Please note that PCI data security requirements state that systems must be running all vendor supplied security patches so we require systems that run Microsoft Windows XP be running at least Service Pack 3. If you are seeing this particular issue, your system is not PCI compliant.

The BSOD or reboot is caused by an XML parser error in the OS due to the use of an embedded 'manifest' in the Monetra Installer. This 'manifest' tells Windows Vista that the it should prompt for escalated privileges, but is also read by Windows XP (though doesn't actually cause any action to be performed on XP). Microsoft's reason behind the XML parser failure is that the 'mt.exe' utility, which is used to embed the manifest and is provided by Visual Studio 2005, generates 2 schema properties. While generating 2 schema properties is not technically invalid, it could be considered 'bloat', and triggers the issue as observed in Windows XP.

For more information on this issue, please see The hotfix may be requested from the above link.