Please review the pricing information for Monetra® Software packages, upgrades and services. Monetra Technologies provides the most cost-effective solutions in the payment processing industry by avoiding unnecessary middlemen and gateway fees. For further inquiries about pricing, or the capacity requirements for the Monetra® Enterprise Edition, visit the Packages page or contact Main Street.

Monetra® Package Pricing

Package Package Description Price (USD) Price w/ EMV (USD)
Small Business Edition Permanent License Key $895.00 $1163.50
Corporate Edition Permanent License Key $1595.00 $2073.50
Enterprise Edition Permanent License Key Contact Us Contact Us
  • Please view the packages page for details.
  • These keys are permanent and will allow your engine to run indefinitely within normal throughput limits.
  • All permanent licenses keys include initial 12 months maintenance.
  • Each base package comes with ONE Graphical Client, ONE Graphical Administrator and ONE set of Graphical configuration utilities.

Optional Upgrades and Extensions to Packages

Package Package Description Price* (USD)
SQL Database Module for SQL database support $795.00
Merchant Profiles (5pk) 5 Additional Processing Profiles $249.00
Merchant Profiles (100pk) 100 Additional Processing Profiles $2499.00
Merchant Profiles (1000pk) 1000 Additional Processing Profiles Contact Us
Throughput (10k) 10,000 Additional Transactions $195.00
Throughput (100k) 100,000 Additional Transactions $995.00
EMV Core EMV Features Enabled 30%
* 30% surcharge applies for EMV-enabled server licenses

Optional Interface Software

Package Package Description Price (USD)
Monetra Graphical Client Graphical Client (any OS) $99.00
Monetra Graphical Admin Graphical Administrator (any OS) $99.00
UniTerm® Terminal Interface Software $99.00

Annual Maintenance and Support Renewal

Package Package Description Price* (USD)
Small Business Edition Maintenance Extension (12 Months) $225.00
Corporate Edition Maintenance Extension (12 Months) $549.00
Enterprise Edition Maintenance Extension (12 Months) Contact Us
Extensions/Add-Ons Upgrades and extensions to packaged products have their own renewal rates, and are applied to base product renewal price.
* 30% surcharge applies for EMV-enabled server licenses

Professional Services

Package Package Description Price (USD)
Installation Support Telephone based $99.00
Support Incident Telephone based $75.00
Consulting Service Custom payment system consulting $250.00/hour
Engineering Services Custom development services $350.00/hour

Pricing Notes

  • Maintenance: Due to the nature of our products certifications, Monetra® is constantly maintained (re-certified) throughout the year to keep up with ever-changing protocol standards.
  • Upgrades and Package Extensions: You must be in an active maintenance agreement to purchase Upgrades and Extensions to Monetra licenses.
  • Prorated Pricing: Please see our FAQ regarding the proration of maintenance, support and upgrade pricing.