The Monetra® Payment Software is designed for seamless integration with a variety of third party applications, including accounting, POS and web-based systems across numerous platforms. For further inquiries not detailed in the documentation, please contact us.


Monetra® ReST API Documentation

Monetra provides a robust ReST API utilizing an intuitive URL structure and simple key/value pairs for request parameters.

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UniTerm® ReST API Documentation

UniTerm's ReST API is structured similarly to the Monetra API, providing a simple, universal way to communicate with UniTerm.

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UniTerm® Guide

This specification documents the deployment and integration for the UniTerm® middleware for handling device communication and EMV transaction flow.

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Monetra® PaymentFrame Guide

PaymentFrame is a Monetra feature that allows you to embed a secure iframe containing a payment form on an HTTPS-enabled web page. This prevents credit card data from ever touching your systems, while allowing your customers to complete seamless ecommerce transactions on your site.

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UniTerm® Android SDK Integration Kit

This kit can be used to integrate an Android application with UniTerm®. It includes the pre-compiled UniTerm SDK library (with corresponding documentation as well as source code), along with a UniTerm Demo application package to get you started.

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UniTerm® iOS Library Integration Kit

This kit can be used as a starting point for integrating an iOS application with UniTerm®. It includes an example iOS application (in the form of an XCode project) that utilizes the UniTerm iOS Framework to communicate with UniTerm.

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UniTerm® iOS Framework

This download includes the iOS UniTerm® static library, along with its dependencies. These libraries are required for an iOS UniTerm integration using the Framework method.

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Monetra® PaymentFrame Examples

Example implementations of the Monetra PaymentFrame feature including server-side and client-side functionality, plus sample CSS files for styling the iframe's contents.


To download the UniTerm installer, please visit our Downloads page.