Support Overview

Monetra Technologies is here to provide customers with first class support, ensuring a pleasant and productive experience with Monetra® Software product(s). Please be advised, many inquiries can be resolved using the Documentation and FAQs sections of our website.

For customers active under a Monetra® Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (including Evaluation Versions), you can contact our support department at during normal business hours (9:00 AM EST - 6:00 PM EST Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays). To ensure a rapid response, please be sure to preface any inquiries with both your Company Name and License Number.

Maintenance and Support Policies

"Technical Support" is defined as responding in a timely manner during business hours to email inquiries regarding basic installation, configuration, and operation of the Monetra software. An additional fee will be charged for telephone-based support inquiries. Monetra Technologies will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Technical Support inquiries within eight (8) business hours, excluding federal holidays. Response means a non-automated acknowledgment by Monetra Technologies technical staff. Monetra Technologies may require additional information to assist in diagnosis including requests for specific diagnostic tests, installation of software patches or revised software, and performance of specific steps to achieve a workaround solution or to obtain information Monetra Technologies deems necessary for an accurate diagnosis. From the time of its initial response, Monetra Technologies will work in due diligence until a course of resolution is determined.

Individuals requesting Technical Support must possess sufficient training and/or experience so as to be able to competently understand technical issues concerning the Monetra software and operation of the computer system(s) on which the Monetra software is installed.

Monetra Technologies will use all reasonable efforts to correct any significant program errors in the Monetra software. A "significant" program error is any program error that causes the Monetra software to fail to perform properly the functions for which it was licensed, as described in the associated technical documentation.

Software Maintenance and Support is generally included for the initial twelve (12) months following licensing of the Monetra software. Subsequent to the expiration of the initial Software Maintenance and Support period (if any), Licensee shall be entitled to receive Support and updated versions of the Monetra software only upon remittance to Monetra Technologies of the applicable then-current Software Maintenance and Support fee.

If Licensee does not purchase a renewal of Software Maintenance and Support, then Licensee shall not be eligible to receive Support or any updated or revised version of the Monetra software including, without limitation, any bug fixes, error corrections or security enhancements, unless and until Licensee has paid in full the total amount of the then-current Software Maintenance and Support fee for the entire time that has elapsed since expiration of the last Software Maintenance and Support period for which Licensee had paid, including the entire annual fee for the then-current period.