Download the Monetra Installer

With the Monetra® Installer application, customers have the ability to download Monetra® software directly from the Monetra Technologies website in order to begin processing payments immediately. The convenience of this feature allows for a quick and easy startup process. To begin downloading, please choose your target operating system.

Note: If you are a developer in search of downloads such as API's and coding examples, please visit our Developers page.

To begin the Monetra® Installer download process, please select your Operating System from the options provided below.

Download the UniTerm Installer

You can download the installer for the latest version of our UniTerm software by selecting your operating system below.

To download a version other than the latest supported release, click on the "All downloads" link under your desired operating system.

Download the UniTerm Mobile App

You can download the UniTerm mobile app from the App Store on iOS or the Play Store on Android.

For downloads to assist with integrating UniTerm with your mobile app, please see our developers page.