Why can't Monetra read my SSL certificate files?

Remember, Monetra executes as the unprivileged user 'monetra', so that user _must_ have permission to read the certificate file(s). Also, there have been some reported problems using symlinks to certificate locations. We strongly urge you to place physical copies of the keys inside the /etc/monetra/ folder and set permissions such that:

  1. chown monetra www.mydomain.com.key
  2. chown monetra www.mydomain.com.crt
  3. chmod 600 www.mydomain.com.key
  4. chmod 600 www.mydomain.com.crt

If you continue to have problems, please log in as the 'monetra' user and attempt to read the SSL files:

  1. Change to the 'monetra' user (run as root) su - monetra
  2. View keyfile cat /etc/monetra/www.mydomain.com.key
  3. View Certificate cat /etc/monetra/www.mydomain.com.crt

If you can successfully read those files as the 'monetra' user, and Monetra is still not functioning properly, please contact support@monetra.com