UniTerm® Terminal Interface

UniTerm® Overview

UniTerm is a sophisticated, EMV certified and PA-DSS validated software application that facilitates software integrations for performing EMV (chip and pin) card transactions with the Monetra® payment server software. UniTerm provides a simple application interface and securely manages the EMV transaction process, securely handling all sensitive information to keep the POS software "out of scope" for PCI PA-DSS validation requirements, and managing all of the complex EMV interactions between the POS application software and EMV card terminal devices.

With UniTerm, integrators avoid costly and time consuming PA‑DSS validations and EMV certifications. Using a "software semi-integrated" approach, UniTerm transparently manages transaction flows between EMV terminal devices and Monetra Technologies' Monetra® transaction server software, delivering a near "plug and play" solution supporting a variety of EMV terminal devices, such as those made by Ingenico and Verifone, while enabling merchants to directly connect with virtually any major transaction processor.

UniTerm® Architecture

UniTerm runs on the client computer — the workstation or cash register to which the EMV card terminal device is connected. To perform EMV transactions, the POS application software simply sends a transaction request to the UniTerm component [A]. UniTerm then interacts with the terminal [B] and the Monetra® server software [C], as required to perform the requested transaction, and returns the results [D] to the application software [E].

Supported Operating Platforms

UniTerm can be deployed natively across the following platforms:

  • Microsoft® Windows (32 and 64 bit)
  • Linux® (32 and 64 bit)
  • Android®
  • Apple Macintosh OS X®

Supported POI Terminals

UniTerm abstracts the specific hardware interfaces so an integrator can write once to the UniTerm interface and enjoy several devices to choose from for deployment. For a list of supported devices, please see our devices page.

UniTerm® Documentation

You can download the latest documentation from our developers page.

UniTerm® Licensing

A UniTerm "seat" must be added to a Monetra® server for each UniTerm client that will be connecting to it, and for performing EMV transactions the Monetra® server must also be upgraded to include that capability. Contact us for upgrade pricing and assistance.

UniTerm® Downloads

The UniTerm software can be downloaded and installed via the UniTerm Installer application. Alternatively, for production deployments, integrators may bundle the self-contained UniTerm binaries together with the POS application software. For mobile deployments, UniTerm is available as a standalone mobile app for iOS and Android. We also provide an iOS framework and an Android SDK for integrating UniTerm into your own app. Please contact us for guidance on bundling and distribution licensing.