How do I quickly install Monetra via a console?

A console installation in linux or any unix-like system is pretty trivial, just a matter of fetching the monetra installer tarball as appropriate for your platform (these can be found in the Downloads area of our website), then extracting that tarball. For a console installation, you should execute the 'monetrainstaller_console' binary which will install the installer/updater program to your server.

Then, you just run the installer from the installed path which is /usr/local/monetrainstaller by default, (again you'd run the monetrainstaller_console), then enter in the credentials to fetch the packages/licenses from our servers (e-mail and assigned password) and then choose to install the Monetra Payment Engine.

From there it should be fully preconfigured for loopback with the exception needing to generate a database encryption key. This can be accomplished with the following command:

The only exceptions to Monetra being fully configured at this point are things like using some other database than SQLite, or if you wanted to process transactions through a processing institution rather than our Monetra Loopback Emulator, or if you wanted to set up e-mail support for Monetra. Most of the other defaults are appropriate. All the configs are documented internally in /etc/monetra/*.conf

Then just start Monetra, typically this will reside in your init scripts directory. On Linux, you'd execute something like:
/etc/init.d/monetra start
Some systems may also create a /usr/bin/monetrad start script if no other option is available.

The recommended way to add merchant/user accounts is to use our GUI Monetra Administrator. If you are unable to run an X11 environment on your server and cannot perform ssh forwarding of your X session, you should request to be assigned GUI licenses for some other OS such as Windows or MacOSX so you can just hit the Monetra engine across your network or the internet. Our GUIs are really our only supported method of performing user/merchant account management (other than you using our APIs/protocols to write your own interface), but we support our GUIs on Windows, MacOSX, and any X11 environment. The Monetra Manager is the only GUI which must run on the same machine as Monetra itself, but that part of the configuration is pretty simple from a console.