Why do I get Registration Failed: LICENSE LIMIT EXCEEDED?

The license limit exceeded message refers to client-side licensing used by UniTerm, the Monetra Client GUI, and the Monetra Administrator GUI. These license counts are maintained by the Monetra Engine and are licensed parameters within the engine itself, and is not related to the number of individual licenses you have. Each of the components is licensed separately with its own license count.

If you recently upgraded to Monetra v8 and are experiencing this error now, but had not previously, and you have not changed how many installations you have, this could be an indication that you were in violation of our licensing previously. The way the licensing is enforced and the way licensing works has changed with Monetra v8. It changed from client-side licensing to server-side. The final result is not a change to our licensing or policies, you are allowed one installation per license, which is the way our terms have always been.

Previously this was enforced by Monetra checking the license number of the client that connected to make sure there were never two of the same license number connected. This was never a policy or license term which explicitly allowed multiple installs of the same license and simply restricted the connection count, it was a limitation in the enforcement methodology. This old methodology had drawbacks since it would prevent logging into multiple accounts simultaneously on the same machine and would prevent terminal services users (remote desktop simultaneous users). Those were not disallowed by our license agreement, but due to limitations in the enforcement, these additional limitations were imposed. These have now been corrected.

The new Monetra enforcement works by registering the machine's unique id on Windows (or first MAC address on other OS's) with the Monetra server upon connect, and it eats up a license that way … but it means you can connect multiple times to Monetra from the same machine so it allows terminal services or multiple instances.

These licenses can be managed in the Monetra Administrator GUI under the product licenses section. When you delete a consumed license, it really goes into purgatory for 7 days … this means it cannot be used by a different machine unique id until 7 days have elapsed, but if the original machine unique id is re-presented it will 'undelete' the license immediately and can be used immediately (so if you are unsure which licenses are in use, you can just delete them all and as you use them it will reactivate immediately).