What does VXN: AuthenticationError mean?

"VXN: AuthenticationError" is the message generated by First Data Secure Transport (aka Datawire) when there is an Authentication Error with their servers. This is only applicable to those utilizing First Data's internet gateway for transport of high-speed transactions, and does not apply to Dialup or Private Circuit/VPN customers.

There are 3 pieces of information used for Authentication with Datawire: "Merchant ID", "Terminal ID", "Datawire ID". The only exception is for First Data Omaha which does not use the "Terminal ID" for authentication. Some protocols, such as FD Gift have a separate "Datawire Merchant ID" and "Datawire Terminal ID" that are used for Authentication rather than the primary "Merchant ID" and "Terminal ID" which are used in the messaging protocol rather than for Authentication purposes. The processing platform chosen in Monetra must also match the assigned processing platform (there are multiple First Data platforms).

Please note that not all merchants are automatically provisioned a Datawire ID. If you are such a merchant who was not provided this piece of information, it is your responsibility to request it from your merchant account provider. Recent versions of Monetra support something called Auto-Provisioning which can request the assigned DatawireID from First Data's servers. In order to trigger auto-provisioning, leave the DatawireID field blank. Auto-provisioning must be set up on First Data's end for the merchant account, and once an account has been provisioned, it cannot be re-provisioned until it is reset on First Data's side.

The "VXN: AuthenticationError" is a very common error for First Data merchants setting up a new account, mainly due to the high-probability of mis-keying the account information. To resolve the issue, first double-check all the provided merchant parameters with what was entered into Monetra. If there are no discrepancies, check again. Finally, if no issue is discovered, contact whoever provided the merchant parameters to you in the first place as they were provided to you wrong.

Since this is not a Monetra-generated error, or an issue with Monetra, there is also no further assistance we can provide on this matter. We do not have the ability to give you the correct numbers as we do not have access to First Data's systems to look those up for you.